Singing is the Strongest form of Magic

SHAILEE is proud to have in our family the internationally acclaimed singer & pianist NEEPABITHI GHOSH, the talented and versatile performer. She is, beyond doubt, an excellent teacher, and unconditionally accepted by all her students. Her approach of attending to each student’s individual merits and demerits brings about a positive change in their vocal quality. Each student has to sing the previous day’s lesson in front of a microphone, accompanied on the keyboard by Neepabithi. This makes the students more confident singers and removes public performance shyness. Our students are taught a vast range of songs in various languages from all over the world, which are selected according to their age. The careful selection of songs with pertinent comments from Neepabithi makes the class worth attending and serves as a source of positive inspiration for many. Our singing lessons focus on all- round development of our students, and emphasize on pronunciation, expression, posture, voice modulation, harmonization etc. In short our classes cover improvement of vocal quality with grooming for a perfect performance. Aspiring students will be trained for appearing in auditions, and amateur singers feel the satisfaction of learning something close to their hearts.

Learn from the Best

    • TODDLER – Kids in this age cannot speak or pronounce properly. So our focus would be to develop this towards music, bring tune in their voice with special emphasis on developing proper pronunciation.
    • GROUP ‘A’ – This group has students from 3 yrs. to 8 yrs. Their vocal chords are not yet developed to hit the perfect note. So, special care is taken towards building up their voice to a singing quality with age-appropriate songs. They are taught to put in actions with songs which develop the body-brain co-ordination.
    • GROUP ‘B’ – The most challenging group, as this group is targeting auditions and stage performances in schools and colleges. They have high ambitions and grooming from Shailee makes them move closer to their dream of taking up music professionally.
  • GROUP ‘C’ – Seniors by age, who mostly love singing and get pleasure and relaxation out of it. Some want to nurture childhood love of music, while others have been stage performers.

Class Schedule

We conduct Singning classes on every Thursday & Friday


  • Registration Fee: Rs.1000/-
  • Monthly Fee: Rs.700/- (to be paid as advance within the 10th of every month.)